Copy to the Right (SHIFT,CNTL,R)

In the generic macro file I have written some code that allows you to efficiently copy to the right. I have tried to make the copy to the right macro flexible. So, if you have the generic macro sheet open, and if you have a row of numbers somewhere, you can press SHIFT, CNTL, R and the numbers will copy to the right for as long as your row of numbers.

How to Use Generic Macros to Copy to the Right

To see this, go to a blank sheet and press the number one somewhere near the top (for example in cell D4.  Then press either ALT, E, I, S or ALT, or ALT, H, FI, S. (In French it is a bit more complicated). You will get a little menu like the following:



Then press the number 9 as the stop value and you will have a row of numbers.  Just below the row of numbers (i.e. below the number 1), enter a few more numbers.  I put in 100, 200 and then used the ALT, = short cut to add the numbers together as shown on the screenshot below.



Next, select the three numbers (the 100, 200 and 300) and press SHIFT, CNTL, R.  The numbers should copy to the right as shown in the screenshot below.  If this is not working, then you probably either do not have generic macros.xls open or the file is not enabled.



Undo Option with Copying to the Right (SHIFT, CNTL, S)

I have also tried to add an undo option to the Shift, CNLT, R macro which you can access with SHIFT, CNLT, S. Test the SHIFT,CNTL,S you can enter some other formula in the third row that currently contains 300.  Then press SHIFT,CNTL,S.  You should get the original number back.

You can also adjust the SHIFT, CNTL, R to look up to different rows and test other things. To adjust the generic macro file, you go to the first sheet of the file and change the parameters. After you change the parameters however you must run the implement macros macro.


If you want to put the SHIFT,CNTL, R macro in your workbook or in your personal workbook, I suggest copying the entire module where the macro is located in the generic macros.


Videos that Illustrate use of Generic Macros File

The first video below demonstrates how to use the Generic Macros file that you must download to colour your sheet efficiently.