Football Field Diagrams

Football Field Graphs (American Football) to Illustrate Ranges in Value

A football field graph is a pretty silly name used to present alternative valuation techniques with different ranges. While the name is irritating, the idea is good because it shows that different valuation techniques can be used and that it is naive to believe a single valuation level is reasonable. Making a basic football field graph is quite simple with the bar chart selection in excel. The problem comes when you put labels on bars in the chart. The files below demonstrate how you can construct such a flexible football field diagram that includes the valuation amounts as labels on the graphs. Putting labels on the football field involves adding a separate series to make spaces and it can be painful. The good news is that no macros are necessary.

A football field diagram and the link to see how to make a football field diagram is illustrated below:



I will upload and explain the files below. In the meantime if you want the files send me an e-mail at and request resources.

Valuation Example.xlsm

AZIZA Tuesday.xlsm

Football Field Graph.xlsx