Project Finance

I believe this site includes a lot of unique ways to address advanced project finance issues from a modelling perspective, from a theoretical perspective and from an analysis perspective.  Financial modelling techniques allow you to address sculpting, DSRA, financing, re-financing, presentation, model structuring and a host of complex issues that arise in project finance modelling. Many, but not all, deal with the painful issue of circular references.  I addition, if you are new to project finance you can go to the A-Z page and watch some long videos that walk you thorough the process.  If you are advanced you can look at the advanced theory page.

Summary of Project Finance Resources on the Website

The project finance resources are divided into five parts.

The first part contains selected project finance models that are complete, many of which include resolution of circular references.  For each of the section, I have tried to put an outrageous example from developing countries.  If you are interested in even more models, you can send me an e-mail at You can also click on the button below to make requests.

The second part contains free on-line lesson sets. A couple of the lesson walk through making a project finance model from A-Z.  Other of the lesson address complex and detailed issues in project finance structuring.  Many of these issues involve sculpting, DSRA and re-financing. The more complex courses show you how to become a top-modeller rather than a copy and paster. If you are interested in really learning how to become a top modeller, you can click on the button below.

The third project finance section addresses advanced debt and contract structuring issues. The debt structuring issues are divided into: (1) debt sizing; (2) debt funding during construction; (3) debt repayment; (4) interest rates and credit spreads; and (5) credit protections.  If you are interested in attending courses that address some of these more advanced issues, click on the button below.

The fourth project finance section explains in detail how to create UDF functions rather than using copy and paste macros to address circular reference problems.

The fifth section discusses how to update models for actual data after actual data arrives.


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Advanced Project Finance Issues

Circular References in Project Finance Models

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