Project with Multiple SPV’s


For various reasons it may be beneficial to put different projects into separate SPV’s.  You may then want to consolidate the SPV’s into a consolidated total.  In the case that is reflected in the file below, small SPV’s could have access to small business loans.

The file below is an analysis where multiple SPV’s are consolidated into a portfolio. A major innovation in the analysis is use of a flexible template for the SPV that includes currency risks and different types of financing. The INDIRECT function is uses a lot. A macro copies that SPV template to multiple different sheets to develop the separate SPV;s. The INDIRECT function along with MATCH and INDEX are used to consolidate the SPV’s and analyse the results

This is a solar rooftop analysis that involves identical issues to real estate analysis that include creating a portfolio with different characteristics including start dates, end dates changes in utilisation and operating expenses. It includes detail methods for computing working and financing. There is a set of 15 videos that constitutes a course associated with both basic and advanced issues associated with this analysis.