Technical Details

This page documents and explains some of the VBA code used in the generic macros file. The methods for constructing macros that copy to the right and that create colours are explained along with some of the UDF’s in the generic macros file. You can find all of the VBA code in the generic macros file and in the read PDF file by just going to the macro list.

The buttons below allow you to download the Generic Macro and Read PDF to Excel files.  After you open the files, press ALT, F8 and then you can look at the VBA code.

Read PDF to Excel File that Allows you to Format Data After Copying from PDF File (Press Shift, Cntl, A)


Technical Discussion of Colouring Macros

A lot of the excel short-cuts are pretty useless and you can use the menu or the mouse just as fast. But there are a few short-cuts that can be helpful are the subject of this page.

When you press CNTL, ALT, C if the generic macros file is open somewhere



Macro to Remove Zeros from List