Parallel Model Solution – A Real Innovation in Project Finance Models

The associated sub-menus to this parallel model describe how you can add a template that solves circular references in a project finance model without either copy and paste macros or the iteration button.  The method uses a big user defined function and includes a number of serious innovations in project finance modelling.  Some of the innovations include:

  • Solving All Circular Refernces
  • Operation of Model Much Quicker than With Copy and Paste
  • Self Audit of Debt Funding, Sculpting, Tax and Other Model Items
  • Allowing Solution to P90 Debt and P50 Price Target

I have been working on this solution for years and the sub-menus attempt to demonstrate that the process is not very difficult.  You can also adjust the template code yourself to add other complications that may arise.  This is documented in the technical details section.


History of Model Development


Overview of Circular References and Hitting the Wall

Introduction to Parallel Circular Reference Template Model

Circular Template and Simple Models