Additional Short-Cuts

The generic macros file has a few added short-cut keys that I use a lot.  Please do not go to the styles menu and think you are good.


Miscellaneous Other Subroutines in Generic Macros

The generic macros file and a workbook named fm.xls includes a lot of different functions and macros. Some of the more important macros that create table of contents and remove the current sheet name from formulas and finds the links are shown below. As explained above, none of these macros have any irritating passwords and you can copy the macros into your files. The fm.xlsm file below has some of the older macros that I made a few years ago. The example calendar shows how you can create a macro that puts a password in a file and uses MATCH and INDEX over and over again with conditional formatting to make a calendar in excel (I doubt very much that you will use this).

Sub x_replace_sheet_name() Takes away current name of sheet in formulas
Sub x_Delete_cols() Deletes columns that are blank
Sub x_Delete_rows() Deletes rows that are blank
Sub x_fix_decimal() Fixes Problems with auto formatting
Sub x_find_rows() Finds number of rows in sheet
Sub x_find_cols() Finds number of cols in sheet
Sub x_colourTitles() Colours titles for the first column
Sub x_Create_Table_of_Contents_From_Sheet_Names() Creates Contents with links
Sub x_find_externl_links() Find External Links
Sub x_hide_sheets_after() Hide Sheets after Given Name

Functions in Generic Macros

In addition to macros, I put a bunch of user defined functions in the generic macros file. These macros do things like find the sheet name or the file name. They can also show who saved the file last and make a payback function. Unlinke the subroutine macros, you cannot just have the file open the functions. Instead, you must find the functions and then copy them into your file.

Function sheet_name(cell)
Function sum_labels(series)
Function File_name() As Variant
Function MyUDF(LastSaved1 As Boolean) As Double
Function Last_save_by() As Variant
Function LastSaved() As String
Function lookup_NA(lookup_value, test_array, result_array)
Function match_adj(lookup_value, lookup_array)
Function payback(series)
Function dpayback(d_rate, series)
Function period_of_year(period, timing)
Function show_formula(cell)
Function show_formulaR(cell)
Function show_formulaL(cell)