Testimony on Cost of Service and Rate Design

I have delivered testimony over the years in support of reasonable rates for low-use residential ratepayers, consumers who live in densely populated metropolitan areas and street lighting ratepayers. You can download the testimony below.

Detailed testimony on the cost of street lights and customer costs. Given the dense topics involved in this type of testimony, I try to make the testimony interesting to read. The direct testimony includes provocative statements that were intended to irritate the utility company including the accusation the company’s behavior is analogous to an obstinate teenager.

Cost of Service – Street Lights and Customer Costs 2009.pdf

Rebuttal Testimony on Cost of Service 2009.pdf

Testimony on Flaws in using the NCP allocator in Cost of service studies and how the NCP allocator is biased in favour of large business consumers

NCP Technical Appendix — City_Ex._2.1_–Bodmer_Rebuttal_Technical_Appendix_–_30_Dec._10.pdf

Rebuttal_Testimony on NCP Allocator_–_30_Dec._10.pdf

Testimony on the cost of serving residential ratepayers in densely populated areas and low use/low income ratepayers. In the rebuttal testimony I suggested the utility company was guilty of the firehouse effect in which firemen who sit around for most of the day can make themselves believe propositions that are preposterous to others (2007).


Firehouse Rebuttal.pdf

Testimony on fixed and variable costs and customer charges in embedded cost studies (2010)


Testimony on problems with the highly regressive rate structure in Chicago

Rebuttal Testimony in Case 94-0065.pdf

NCP Technical Appendix — City_Ex._2.1_–Bodmer_Rebuttal_Technical_Appendix_–_30_Dec._10.pdf

Testimony on selectively tracing franchise fees without computing regional cost of service

Testimony on Franchise Fee Tracing and City vs Suburb Costs in 1992.pdf

Testimony on new rates required for transition from bundled to unbundled rates

Direct Testimony in ICC 99-0117 Delivery Service Case on Behalf of the City of Chicago.pdf

Direct Testimony in ICC 99-0013 on Behalf of Competitive Energy Suppliers.pdf

Rebuttal Testimony in 01-0423 on behalf of Government and Consumer Interests.pdf