Database for Historical Financial Statement

This page explains how you can use the financial database to create financial statements that can in turn be used as a basis for financial forecasts. I explain how the data is extracted and how data from alternative financial statements can be evaluated in the same sheet. I also explain how the financial statement data is verified against aggregate data such as EBITDA and Net Income. As with other pages that describe how to work with the Financial Analysis Database, the objective is to make sure you are completely comfortable with how the database works and how you can modify things by yourself. The database with a simple example for a couple of companies is attached to the button below.


Excel File with Comprehensive Financial Analysis from Reading Stock Price and Financials - International Utility Case


Using the Data in the Historic Page

Once you have the data in a spreadsheet you can just copy and paste the data into another workbook and create your model. You can also use timing flags that will incorporate both the annual and quarterly data.