Forecasting and Statistical Analysis

The document below is a study of the profits realized by Exelon Corporation after de-regulation. It demonstrates that billions have been transfered from ratepayers to shareholders not by virute of any thing that is efficient, but simply by the change in law

Exelon Financial Study.pdf

This paper, written for the APPA, studies the profitabliity of companies that sell power on a de-regulated basis relative to companies that continue to operate with regulated rates.

Electricty Company Profits 1.pdf

Presentation on Generation Profits.pdf

The file below is an affidavit presented before the FERC on the efficiency of de-regualated rates

Affidavit on Generating Profits.pdf

Update of the study of Electricity Company Profits

Electricity Company Profits 2.pdf

Report on the lack of transparency in the downfall of Constellation Energy

Constellation Report.pdf