LCOE Database

If you have worked through any of the LCOE analysis at all, I hope you are thinking why in the heck would I ever use the LCOE quoted by IEA, Lazard, EIA, IRENA or anybody else.  You should be saying to yourself, what I need is the data on capital cost, operating cost, heat rate and so forth.  Then I can put in my own assumptions for capacity factor or availability factor.  I can more importantly put in my own assumptions for the cost of capital an compute the resulting carrying charge rate.

The file below illustrates how to use carrying charge rate analysis with different electricity technologies. It works through plants that are included in the IEA report as well as in the Lazard analysis and EIA website.

LCOE Exercise LCOE Exercise.xlsm
Solar LCOE with Three Methods Solar LCOE Model
Solar LCOE with Scenarios Solar Version 3