Expert Testimony

For much of my life I have worked on electric utility issues. I often write testimony in utility cases on cost of captial issues, cost of service issues and other subjects. Much of the academic literature on electricity markets, regulation of distribution companies, establishing rate design for business and domestic consumers is heavily biased in favor of policy positions that are advocated by institutions that have a lot of money. These institutions are utility companies and groups that are put together to represent medium and large businesses. I do not get paid very much for my papers and my testimony and I generally represent consumer interests. In particular I have advocated for positions that favor small consumers. I hope that some of my testimony is provocative and presents a technical and academic background on a lot of important policy issues.

– Testimony on Cost of Capital and other financial issues (mergers, deferred taxes etc.)

– Papers and Testimony on Profits of Generation Companies

– Testimony and Analysis on Forecasting and Statistical Analysis

– Testimony on Project Finance and Plant Valuation Issues

– Testimony on Rate Design and Cost of Service

– Testimony on Comparative Rates and Productivity

The file below contains a list of my testimony over the years