Other Corporate Models

Other Corporate Models: Evraz (Russia); Sateri (Singapore); Meracorp (Solvenia) and LaFarge

I have included some other corporate models that we have developed in classes. All of the models begin with historic data and use the key concept of the historic switch. The Evraz is a model of a steel producer in Russia. This model demonstrates a lot of scenario analysis and shows how to build a lot of assumptions and analysis from a few lines of production and volume sales that are in financial reports. The Evraz model also documents issues associated with modelling maintenance capital expenditures and capital expenditures for new development projects that add new capacity. Sateri is a corporate model of a chemical company and includes and analysis of capacity from existing facilities and capacity from new facilities. The capacity allows modelling of alternative capacity utilization scenarios. The LaFarge model is a comprehensive model that includes sensitivity analysis from reports to investors and other sources. Finally, the Meracorp model is an analysis of a retailer that was having financial difficulties.

Evraz Finished.xlsm

Sateri Corporate Model.xlsm

LaFarge Financial Model.xlsm

Meracorp Acquistion.xlsm