Basic Goal Seek Macro

As with the short-cut keys, participants in my classes sometimes say they will not remember how to make a macro, in particular a goal seek macro. This little section is intended to be a reminder as how to make a goal seek macro. You can do really fancy things with macros and functions that I hope are explained at various points in this website. This includes reading data from the internet, creating fancy scenarios, fixing excel to interpolate data, and resolving circular references. If you have not made a macro, however, do not be intimidated.

The first macro I ever made sometime in the early 1990’s was to fix the goal seek in excel so you could repeat it without having to keep going back to the menu and keep changing the target etc. I remember where I was like I rmember where I was when Martin Luther King was shot.

All you have to do is press the macro record button and then make your goal seek and then make absolutely sure to stop the record button once you have finished with the goal seek. This process is described in the video below. The file that I have used to explain this simple macro is associated with my WACC and interest shield stuff and listed below the video.