Spinners, Drop-Down, Check Boxes

This video shows how to use the forms — spinner boxes, drop-down boxes (called combo boxes), check boxes and list boxes. The video and file below are intended to be a reminder for how to used the developer tab and these forms. 

User forms (also named contols) allow you to control inputs from different pages such as chart pages. This means that if you have an input in the assumptions page, say for the gearing percent of a project, this input can be controlled from multiple places including a summary sheet and a graph.

These form controls can be very helpful in summarising data and making presentations with excel or just showing off to your boss. I use these forms extensively in other videos and files but I do not know if there is a place where I explain them slowly.

The video below does this. It begins with explaining how to find the developer tab and then use the WINDSCREEN method to allow you to move the files (thanks to Tataynia in Russia). My son tells me the developer tab is like a secret handshake in excel — when somebody tells you they are really good at excel and there is no developer tab on their computer, you say yes you are really good. But you don’t believe them.