Webinar Courses

I offer webinar courses and in-person courses. This page describes the process I use to conduct webinar courses on various subjects.  The webinar courses have a strict limited number of participants (currently, no more than five).  After you express your interest to possibly proceed, we will have a personal interview (you interview me).  Time zones are an issue with these courses and once we find times that will work for you (and if you are interested to go ahead) we will set up a schedule.  The courses will be operated with screen sharing where one of the five participants does the excel analysis (I just speak and give you my ideas).  At the end of the course I will give you a optional case study.  If you finish the case study I will write you a personalised letter of recommendation.

General Issues about Webinar Course

There are a number of issues with establishing successful webinar courses.  Some of the issues that I have tried to address include:

  • Timing is an issue with people from different time zones
  • Making sure that any technical issues with sharing screens and the internet connection are resolved
  • Dealing with different learning objectives of participants
  • Assuring that there is no loss in efficacy from too many participants
  • Using the most effective communication software

Webinar Course Curriculum

For the initial webinar courses I will offer the following courses:

  • Basic Project Finance Modelling
  • Advanced Project Financing – Sculpting and Circular References
  • Renewable Energy Finance and Resource Analysis
  • Corporate Finance Modelling
You can look at outlines for the webinar courses by clicking on the buttons below. You can find more course outlines at my associated website https://www.financeenergyinstitute.com/

Webinar Sessions

  • The course will consist of a minimum of six sessions that address subjects in the outlines above.
  • The timing of the sessions (e.g. one session per week) will depend on preferences of the participants.
  • Each Session would take about two hours (I understand you have other things in your life and you are busy)
  • In the sessions the participants will control the screen and I will lead the discussion.  I find this method is the closest substitute to an in-person course.
  • After having our cyber discussion I will see if we can reconcile your timing preferences with other potential participants.  If there are no other people with the same preferences I will wait until a few more people have similar timing preferences to your preference.

Pricing and Scholarships

The standard pricing for the webinar sessions is USD 750 for the webinar courses except for the course on implementing and revising the UDF Parallel model.  This pricing is geared for people whose company is paying for the course.  If you are paying yourself, I will consider scholarships and reductions in price. For the course that addresses my method for implementing, understanding and revising the Parallel UDF model, the price is higher — USD 2,500.  For this course you will receive the template model that addresses circular references, model verification, consistent reporting, advanced structuring issues and detailed sculpting.

Certificates and Letter of Recommendation

Upon completion of the course you will receive a nice certificate that you typically receive when completing a course.  However I am more interested that you retain key aspects of the courses.  Therefore, I will provide an optional case study for you to perform at the end of the course.  Should you complete the case study in a commendable manner, I will write you a letter of recommendation explaining your skills.

Requirements for Human Resources

In having your courses accepted by your company you may have some unique requirements.  You may need a statement describing the course outcomes and verification of the credibility of my company.  I have a number of template letters and contracts that should meet the needs of your company.

Initial Personal Discussion Before the Course and Registration

Given the issues described above, I will have a personal discussion with you before the course begins.  In this cyber meeting we will do things like discussing your preferred timing, your contractual requirements, whether you qualify for a scholarship.  Some of the subjects we will address include:

  • Preferred Timing
  • Understand Background
  • Make Sure Technical Issues Resolved with Goto Meeting
  • Payment after Individual Discussion

If you would like to register for a webinar course, you have two options. The first option is just to send me an e-mail at edwardbodmer@gmail.com.  The second option is to go to https://www.financeenergyinstitute.com/ and click on the registration tab.