Renewable Resource and Financial Analysis

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You can see the outline by clicking on the button below.  A video that includes the LCOE analysis that we perform in the class is included below the button with the outline.

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The video below demonstrates some of the issues that we will cover in the course.  I can assure you that it is enormously better to work through these issues in the course where we have discussions, interruptions, illustrations with hands on cases then in the videos.  Of course you will also get copies of the course videos after each session.


Renewable Energy and Storage Course

The outline is kind of dry and follows some of the standard kind of stuff you may get with a course.  Some of the real highlights of the course include:

  1. Seeing how to measure the cost of storage combined with solar and wind the see what kind of parameters can make storage economic.
  2. Understanding levelised cost calculations and assuring that you focus on the real drivers of value and that you are never intimidated to make your own calculations.
  3. Becoming comfortable with debt terms and financial models without working through every little detail.
  4. Being able to read and interpret a resource study and understand the uncertainties that are driven by things that mean revert and things that do not mean revert.
  5. Evaluating hydrogen and biomass projects with more components than other renewable energy courses.